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A global network of packaging manufacturers

The World Packaging Alliance (WPA) is a global network of packaging manufacturers who work together to supply businesses across the world with protective packaging products of a consistent quality, and within a competitive pricing structure.

This service is ideally suited to customer businesses with plants in several different countries, because by trading with the World Packaging Alliance, the same transit packaging product can be obtained from any one of our member companies around the world. This ensures that consistency is maintained while production and transport costs remain low.

Alliance members also collaborate on packaging design technology, enabling advances in packaging design to be made instantly available across the world, while packaging regulations in every country are strictly observed with environmental issues and recycling taking high priority.

› Fast, efficient transfer of packaging products from one country to another
› Effective supply chain management solutions
› Guaranteed global consistency of product
› Cost effective pricing structure
› Access to a worldwide product locator
› Access to a huge database of packaging designs
› Information and guidance on packaging legislation
› High standards of local customer service supplied on a global basis
› Immediate access to new designs and developments
› High priority given to environmental issues
› Availability of translation services
› Full just-in-time service

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